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About ghosts Marketing

Our newly founded Social Media Marketing agency consists of 3 full time ghosts, practicing and learning new techinques to boost the number of sales a business makes by funneling all those online impressions to them.

We're just a couple of young tech-savy individuals putting our skills and interests together to help local businesses expand their reach on the web.

We'd also like to share our Digital media talents with a few other services any modern business would need.


“Our Story” VideoAd

A interview style commercial about how you started your business for your online platforms and website

Business PhotoShoot

Set up a date for our phtogropher to make a perfect photoshoot of your business location/employees

Website Design

We will design multiple layouts for you to pick then proceed to developing and publishing


Small Business marketing package

A social media management and marketing campaign combined with a personalized landing page

Online Advertisement Campaign

A paid ad that is focused on your client demographic age/gender/location

Social Media Management

frequent posts on your social platforms to funnel clients to your landing page and convert them to customers


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Feel free to shoot us an email, give us a call or a text.


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